Access Program

The Access Program

Thank you for your interest in the Access Program at Lincoln College. The Access Program is designed to support students with executive functioning challenges and assist in their transition to college. Through supportive, intense academic coaching, we aim to develop and encourage each student to become independent, confident, and successful learners.




Eligibility for the Program

The Access Program is housed within the Office for Disability Services (ODS) and is open to students on the Lincoln Campus who are registered with ODS. The program is designed for students who experience academic challenges due to ADHD, ASD, or other conditions impacting planning, organization, attention, and time management. Applicants must be accepted to Lincoln College in order to apply to the Access Program.


Application Procedure

1) After acceptance to Lincoln College, complete and submit the following documents to ODS:

        a. Lincoln College Disability Services Registration Including the Diagnosing Professional Form or other appropriate documentation. *

        b. Access Program Application (p. 3)


2) Schedule an appointment to meet with the Access Coordinator.


*Must be completed by the student’s treating professional to establish the student’s eligibility for services at the postsecondary level. An IEP expires upon graduation from high school and does not constitute appropriate documentation of a disability. The treating/diagnosing professional is a licensed physician, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist that is involved in the treatment of the student.



Cost for the program is $2,250 each semester. Students may register any point during their time at Lincoln College. The cost will be prorated for individuals who join the program after the beginning of a semester. Refunds are not available for cancellation; however, students may elect to opt out of the program at any time.


Services Provided
Access Prep Seminar

Access Prep Seminar is a workshop required for all new Access students which is hosted prior to the fall semester. During this brief course, students enhance their note-taking and study skills, explore their personal strengths and learning styles, gain confidence navigating campus, and get organized for the start of the semester while building a supportive community with other Access students.


Weekly Meetings with an Access Coach

Students are assigned to an Access Coach who meets with them two to three times a week throughout the semester. The coaching sessions aid students in their transition to college and help students build selfmanagement skills. Coaches and students work on goal-setting, study strategy techniques, time management and organizational skills, and helping students hold themselves accountable for their learning.


Whole Group Workshops

Occasional workshops with all of the Access students reinforce topics covered in coaching sessions, aid in building positive peer groups, and creating a community of learners.


Access Study Tables

During Study Tables, Access students will have time to follow through on their organizational and study goals alongside their peers and Access Coach. Additionally, Study Hours encourage the use of tutoring services.


Parent Updates

To encourage student independence while also maintaining accountability and collaboration with home life, the Access Coordinator will provide regular electronic updates via encrypted email. In these messages, notes on academic progress, attendance, meetings with their Access Coach, and use of tutoring facilities will be shared. Outside of the scheduled updates, the Access Coordinator is also available at any time to help parents navigate the Lincoln College system so that their questions and concerns are addressed.


Academic Advisement and Collaboration with Campus Resources

Access Coaches collaborate closely with faculty and staff from various departments on campus, such as the Academic Success Center, Counseling Services, and Residence Life. This collaboration provides further support for students in many aspects of their college experience.



The Access Program complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Please see Lincoln College’s Institutional FERPA Policy. To ensure FERPA protections, most communication regarding students will be in the form of encrypted email using Barracuda encryption software. Please contact the Coordinator for Disability Services and Access at 217-735-7335 or at if you have any questions or with issues with this software.



Contact Information:

Amber Jordan

Director of Disability Services

300 Keokuk Street, Harts Science 102

Lincoln, IL 62656

Office: 217-735-7363